Jeffery Saddoris: Everything

Deep Natter 42: Who Are You?

April 15, 2022 Jeffery Saddoris & Sean Tucker Episode 169
Jeffery Saddoris: Everything
Deep Natter 42: Who Are You?
Show Notes

How would you describe yourself? What are you interested in, not in terms of taking pictures or painting or writing, but what subjects really light you up? That’s what Sean and I are talking about in this episode. Plus, we dive a little deeper into the Enneagram and take a look at how we’re wired, and whether or not there’s anything we can do about it. 

Visual Acoustics (via IMDb)
A new Perspective by Donald Byrd (via Discogs)
The Cover Art of Blue Note Records
Maurice Binder (via Art of the Title)
Mastery by Robert Greene
The Book of Joy

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High Line by Duffmusiq

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