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Deep Natter 48: Feelings Aren’t Facts

May 27, 2022 Jeffery Saddoris & Sean Tucker Episode 178
Jeffery Saddoris - Almost Everything
Deep Natter 48: Feelings Aren’t Facts
Show Notes

A few days ago, I came across a post that painted a pretty grim portrait of our collective futures—and here’s the thing…I wasn’t surprised by it at all. If I’m being honest, it’s something that I often feel anyway. When I brought it up to Sean, he was quick to point out that the way we feel is often just that, a feeling, not a fact. In this especially deep natter, we unpack happiness, negativity bias, and why for many of us, the bad stuff is often easier to believe.

Is Happiness a Choice?
Vice article: We’re Doomed
Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now
Viktor Frankl: Man’s Search for Meaning
Negativity bias
Rick Hanson (velcro/teflon)
Confirmation bias

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