Jeffery Saddoris: Everything

Deep Natter 51: Everything’s an Experiment

June 16, 2022 Jeffery Saddoris & Maarten Rots Episode 182
Jeffery Saddoris: Everything
Deep Natter 51: Everything’s an Experiment
Show Notes

Last week, I was joined by Maarten Rots for a terrific conversation around his approach to creativity. As is often the case when talking about the creative process, there’s always more to unpack so I asked Maarten if he’d be willing to come back to continue the conversation. In this episode, while in some ways we’re picking up where we left off, we also go in some different directions, specifically around giving ourselves permission to play and being okay when a project goes somewhere we never intended.

Do the Work! by Steven Pressfield

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High Line by Duffmusiq

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