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Iteration 70: The Medium is Irrelevant

July 26, 2022 Episode 189
Jeffery Saddoris - Almost Everything
Iteration 70: The Medium is Irrelevant
Show Notes

The other day, a friend of mine texted me a link to a podcast, along with a single sentence that read, “If I could be a small fraction of the photographer Sally Mann is, it would really be something.” Now, this friend is a terrific photographer but, like so many of us, he sometimes gets stuck in the rut of comparison. I get it. I really do. Sally Mann is an iconic photographer, but one of the most challenging—and I think harmful—things we can do to ourselves as artists is to unreasonably compare ourselves and our work to others.

Do you compare yourself or your work to others? If so, how does it affect the work you make?

Sally Mann :
Robert Rauschenberg:
David Carson:
Shepard Fairey:
Quarter Past Midnight:
John Dos Passos:
Nick Hornby:

The Paris Review recently posted (or, maybe re-posted) a fantastic interview with the great James Baldwin. In it, he talks about what inspired him to became a writer, why he left America for Paris, and some of his inspirations. If you aren’t familiar with James Baldwin, I recommend his novel The Fire Next Time or I Am Not Your Negro, which is a documentary based on his unfinished novel, Remember This House.

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