Jeffery Saddoris: Everything

Deep Natter 69: What Would You Make For You?

November 17, 2022 Jeffery Saddoris & Sean Tucker Episode 206
Jeffery Saddoris: Everything
Deep Natter 69: What Would You Make For You?
Show Notes

In this episode, we’re talking about making the work that means the most to us as the maker and how sometimes, we need to take a step back in order to see it. We also talk about a terrific new documentary about the visual effects wizards at Industrial Light & Magic.

Tom Jones Tiny Desk Concert:
Joshua Jackson Modern Paradox:
David Carson (TED Talk):
Chris Ashworth:
Ray Gun magazine:
Light and Magic:
Young Sherlock Holmes:
Water tendril for Abyss:
John Carpenter's The Thing:
Matte paintings in Star Wars

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High Line by Duffmusiq

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