Almost Everything with Jeffery Saddoris

Iteration 75: Lean In and Let Go

November 23, 2022 Episode 207
Almost Everything with Jeffery Saddoris
Iteration 75: Lean In and Let Go
Show Notes

Over the past month or so, I’ve been seeing a lot of Quentin Tarantino clips pop up in my YouTube feed because about a month ago, I clicked on a video of Quentin being interviewed by Charlie Rose. When it finished, the algorithm showed me another, which I also clicked on. Since the algorithm got what it wanted, it started showing me more clips and occasionally I would click, and here we are a month or so later with me having watched about a dozen clips and interviews with Quentin Tarantino. Full disclosure, I like some of Tarantino’s movies, but it’s his approach to making movies that I find fascinating. Recently he was quoted as saying that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was his best movie, to which someone on Twitter almost immediately replied “He’s wrong. It was Pulp Fiction.” I can’t say I disagree. But regardless of what you or I think of any of his movies, he makes exactly what he wants to see and if we don’t like it, that’s on us, not him. He was very clear about that fact in one of the interviews I watched. The interviewer asked him whether he had an audience in mind when he made his movies. Almost without skipping a beat, Quentin responded, “Yeah, me. I’m the audience.”

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