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Iteration 79: Relentless Repetition

January 02, 2023 Episode 213
Jeffery Saddoris - Almost Everything
Iteration 79: Relentless Repetition
Show Notes

The other day, Paramount Pictures put up a ten-minute mini-documentary showing some of the preparation and training that Tom Cruise and the production crew went through to perform just one of the insane stunts from the next installment of Mission: Impossible. I say just one because I’m sure that the film is loaded with them. I mean, it’s a Tom Cruise movie, so there can’t be just one, right? There might be one that everyone talks about, like hanging off of the side of an Airbus as it takes off, or flying a helicopter through a 360-degree corkscrew dive, or performing 106 HALO jumps with a broken ankle just to get three shots, or…well, you get the idea. To say the man is focused is an understatement. Whether you love him or hate him, when it comes to leaving it all in the frame, I can’t think of another filmmaker more dedicated to the craft of making movies and entertaining audiences than Tom Cruise—and he’s been doing it for decades.

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