Jeffery Saddoris - Almost Everything

Going Back To Move Forward

January 03, 2023 Jeffery Saddoris & Bill Wadman Episode 214
Jeffery Saddoris - Almost Everything
Going Back To Move Forward
Show Notes

In 2012, Bill Wadman and I recorded the first episode of On Taking Pictures and for the next 324 weeks, we never missed an episode. Even though Bill and I don’t talk every week like we used to, whenever we do, it’s like picking up the conversation where we left off. If you’ve never listened to an episode of OTP, consider this a teaser for the 325 episodes you have ahead of you. OTP changed my life for the better and I always love getting to sit down with Bill, regardless of whether or not we hit the record button. But it’s often a lot more fun when we do because we get to share the conversations with you. 

OTP Episode Archive
Michael Fremer
Wilson Watt Puppy speakers
Fuji  32-64 f/4 zoom
Fuji GFX100s
Johnny Carson Carnac the Magnificent
Bill’s GFX100s playback exposure issue
Pentax 645z

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Eyes This Way by Bill Wadman (w/ Andrea Mann)