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Iteration 112: Art is Everywhere

August 22, 2023 Episode 254
Jeffery Saddoris - Almost Everything
Iteration 112: Art is Everywhere
Show Notes

Over the weekend, Adrianne and I watched a fantastic new documentary by Anton Corbijn called Squaring the Circle. It’s about Hipgnosis, the legendary design agency in London formed in the late 1960s by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell, or “Po” to his friends. I knew I was going to love it before I even saw the trailer because so much of their work has been etched into my brain over the past four decades of my life. The work they did for Pink Floyd alone would have made them industry icons, but they also worked with Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, T Rex, Yes, Genesis, 10cc, and a ton of other bands over the course of their 15-year run.

Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis) | Official Red Band Trailer | Utopia
Anton Corbijn on Squaring the Circle, Hipgnosis, Album Covers & Kurt Cobain
Category:Album covers by Hipgnosis
Storm Thorgerson | Designing The Impossible
Storm Thorgerson, Pt. 1
Storm Thorgerson, Pt. 2

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