Almost Everything with Jeffery Saddoris

Go Forward, Move Ahead

October 27, 2023 Jeffery Saddoris Episode 262
Almost Everything with Jeffery Saddoris
Go Forward, Move Ahead
Show Notes

Last week I did a soft-launch of my newly redesigned website, which in an of itself isn’t all that unique since I’ve resigned my website dozens of times over the years. What is unique—or at least different—is the overall focus of the site and the process I went through putting it together this time around. I started by asking myself a relatively simple question: do I even need a website? The most common answer is “Yes, of course,” which is often followed by “especially because you’re an artist.” But I actually know quite a few “creatives” who don’t have their own websites. Some rely on a strong social media presence, some have gallery representation that drives sales of originals or prints, and others just have a storefront, so that a dedicated personal site isn’t really necessary.

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